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zed-z-zubehoer.png: Counter electronic ZED-Z

Counter electronic ZED-Z

1x pulse: 0.2 - 2000 Hz (5 - 24 VDC)
1x control input: reset function
Output: 1x 0(4) - 20 mA or  0 - 10 V, 2x changer
tmax: -20 ... +70°C
Power supply: 24 VDC or 90 - 250 VAC
Electrical connection: screw terminal, cable gland M18
Display: LCD, 8-digit (quantity) + 3- or 4-digit (flow), backlight
Sensor supply, menu controlled, password,
Teach-in procedure, panel mounting, field housing, Min/Max-memory


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The evaluation unit changes the frequency signal of the pickup into a 3(4)-digit flow reading with selectable measurement unit (top display line), and into a scalable analogue signal. The flow quantity is added up in a part quantity meter and a total quantity meter and then displayed in the bottom line of the screen. The quantity meter’s units of measurement are selectable. The two relays with floating output changeover contacts continuously monitor if the freely adjustable limits are exceeded or fallen short of.

Here, it is possible to choose between threshold value and window monitoring. Switching point, hysteresis, a window point, and switch on or off delay can be set separately for each relay. The switching points can also be set directly by using the control keys without having to change over into the menu. Alternatively, it is also possible to monitor the quantity meter to see if it is exceeded.

A red LED indicates with the switching status. The analogue output is optionally available as current output with 0(4)...20 mA or as voltage output with 0...10 V. The Parameter names can be shown in the menu in German or English. If used where the flow readings change rapidly, the display can be pacified and the analogue reading averaged by switching on some software. A MIN/MAX reading memory determines the extreme readings of the flow.

The display of the readings and the resetting are achieved by using the keys without having to change into the menu. Resetting by using the keys can also be blocked. If the maximum set flow (exceeded range) is exceeded, it will be shown on the display. The set parameters can be protected against unauthorised alteration by using a password function.

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