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att-k-analyse.png: Transmitter for Turbidity Measurement System ATT-K

Transmitter for Turbidity Measurement System ATT-K


0 ... 200 mS/cm
With panel mount housing or field mounting housing
Display of conductivity and temperature with LEDs
analogue actual-value output scaleable
2 relays for control functions (PID) programmable
2 binary inputs
1 binary output (alarm contact or temperature limit contact)


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The transmitted light and scattered light signals generated in the sensor are amplified in the KOBOLD transmitter ATT-K to produce a weighted ratio. The measured variable thus created is proportional to the total volume of particles in the carrier medium. Two independently adjustable switch points as well as a mA output are available for alarm signalling, or control and regulating.

An additional relay output (FAIL-SAFE) signals lamp or system failures. Basic system calibration is carried out as standard in ppm DE (mg infusorial earth / L water). The device may also be calibrated to FTU (Formazin Turbidity Standard) or to EBC (European Brewery Convention) if required.

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