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dte-temperatur.png: Digital Thermometer - Battery Powered - DTE

Digital Thermometer - Battery Powered - DTE

Digital Thermometer with Battery (Battery  Powered)

Measuring range:
-200 ... 850°C
Display: 6-digits LCD (alphanumeric),  15.8 mm
Accuracy: ±(0.1% of reading + 0.2°C) for Pt100
Material housing: stainless steel
Housing: Ø 113 mm
Power supply: 3.6 V battery
5000-point-logger, 2x alarm, NFC, Android App,
wide range of RTD´s and thermocouples usable


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Operating Instructions

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DTE - Operating Instructions

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NFC-App for Smartphones

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PC-Software data logging

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PC-Software "SpeedLink"

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The DTE is a battery powered LCD digital thermometer designed for use in a wide range of industrial and process applications. Similar to our standard DTB instrument, this latest development provides extra operational features such as MAX / MIN with recorded time and date, messaging feature, two alarm relays, and data logging. The rugged IP 65 rated housings and all stainless steel design offers protection from moisture and dust. The DTE also offers a range of mounting options such as direct mount, surface mount, and panel mount. With our range of sensing probes and process connections this makes the DTE an ideal replacement for traditional mechanical instruments such as liquid bulb and bi-metal gauges where external power is not available or practical.
The larger LCD display, now 15.8 mm high, can also be set to units of °C or °F, and with 0.1° resolution, the DTE not only eliminates the guesswork out of reading dials and mercury columns, it also provides a much higher degree of accuracy. Low battery indication is via the display however, one of the two alarm relays can also be utilised for latching to a scrolling message.

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