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nws-f-fuellstand.png: Vibration Switch Liquids-Cable Connection NWS-...2EF

Vibration Switch Liquids-Cable Connection NWS-...2EF

For liquids

Contact: 1 electronic switch
G ¾, G1 male thread, ¾" NPT, 1" NPT male thread,
Tri-Clamp® DIN 32676, hygenic DIN 11851,
DIN-flange DN25, DN50, ANSI-flange 1", 2"
Material: stainless steel 1.4404
pmax: 45 bar
tmax: 130°C (150°C CIP-cleaning)
Viscosity: up to 5000 mm²/s
Certificates: ATEX


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The KOBOLD liquid level switch NWS is designed as a 2 and 3-wire switch and can be universally used in vessels and pipelines. The NWS operates on the tuning fork principle in air at resonance frequency. A piezoelectric crystal is used for excitation of oscillations and for monitoring the actual oscillation frequency.
When the fork is immersed in liquid, the frequency changes: this change is detected electronically and the output signal is changed. The NWS operates as a 2-wire switch in series with the load. The simple electronic switch is operated by the liquid. The NWS can also be connected to a PLC through a third terminal.

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