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apm-1-analyse.png: Transmitter / Controller APM-1

Transmitter / Controller APM-1

For pH-Value, Redox, Standard signals and Temperature

Measuring range:
pH: -2 ... 16
Redox: -1500 ... +1500 mV
Pt100 / Pt1000: -50 ... +250°C
Standard signal: 0(4) - 20 mA / 0 - 10 V
Resistance: 100 Ω - 3 kΩ
1x pH/Redox
2x binary inputs
1x temperature / resistance / standard signal
2 relays (SPDT)
1 x power supply for 2-wire sensor 17 VDC
Optionanl plug-in boards:
analogue output, power supply, RS485, data logger, Profibus® PA, relays

Graphic display with backlight (max. 3 values, trend, bargraph), supply voltage for 2-wire sensors, freely programmable, math and logic module, with panel mounted housing or field mounted housing


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The compact transmitter /controller APM-1.. measures and controls the pH value or redox potential in aqueous solutions. It is available as panel-mounted device according to DIN/EN 61554 or as field housing. Measured values and parameters are displayed on a highcontrast graphic display in plain text.

Easy configuration via buttons or PC with optional software provide a simple and user friendly operation. An integrated math and logic module enables the integration of the measured values in mathematical formulas so that the measured variables can be displayed.


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