KOBOLD Instruments Inc • 1801 Parkway View Drive • 15205 Pittsburgh, PA • Tel: +1 412 788 2830 • E-mail: 자바 스크립트를 활성화하십시오. • visit koboldusa.com

l1-sen.png: 세라믹 압력센서 및 다이어프램 씰 SEN

세라믹 압력센서 및 다이어프램 씰 SEN

상대 압력용

측정 범위: -1 ... 0 bar ... 0 ... +600 bar
연결부: hygenic connection DIN 11851, Tri-Clamp®, union nut (IDF, APV, RJT, or SMS norm), pipe diaphragm seal, diaphragm seal for homogenizing machines
정확도 등급: 0.5 또는 1.0
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General Safety Instructions

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KOBOLD Instruments Inc.

1801 Parkway View Drive
15205 Pittsburgh PA
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